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Introduces authentic clothing made by strong and creative women from around the world. Fashioned from natural materials, the products carry the unique signature of the women’s home countries.


We aim to establish a meaningful and socially responsible connection between the women artisans and their customers and we hope that all those involved find pride and joy in this process.

How do we do this?​

  • Crafts and clothes are made by women

  • Crafting these pieces is usually women's main income

  • These pieces are traditional, or inspired by tradition

  • Materials used are always natural and when possible local

  • Prices and working conditions are determined exclusively by women them selves, and they are always above local price 

  • Crafts 4 Change establishes sustainable market for their products

  • Together with our sister non-profit organization 'Pan Initiative' we help women artisans organize, if necessary, by providing materials and training which can be used in their everyday life

Who are we?

We are a social enterprise and a family business based in Los Angeles, CA, USA. Originally, we are a mixed Serbian and Croatian family based in the US. We travel around the globe, trying to bring the world, tradition and quality to your home, fighting fast fashion, as well as gender and economic inequalities. 

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