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We do WHOLESALES! For enquiries, please e-mail us.

Serbian Wool Knitted Coats

Our wool coats are hand knitted by Milica from Serbia. Milica lives in the town of Cacak, but originally comes from a mountain village well known for making hand knitted wool sweaters. Milica has been knitting since she was 13, and knitting is her main income.


Coats are 'Modernog kroja' but embroidered traditionally. Wool for this piece is rough and comes from alive local sheep, and such used for making coats. It is processed in local family businesses or sometimes by Milica herself.

Cotton shirts from Serbia

Our Cotton shirts are made by Ana from Serbia. Ana owns a family business making unique cotton shirts inspired by Serbian tradition.

Cotton is weaved in a traditional way called ‘Serbian Linen’ by Milija in his family business in a Serbian village.


Together with Ana’s modern designs, the linen brings ethnic, but fashionable experience.

Home decor and accessorize made by minorities from Vietnam


Vietnam hosts 54 minorities, and each of them are unique especially in the textiles and techniques they use to make them. That's why we have decided to bring some of the goodies to your home. At the moment we are working with H'mong and Dao women to make unique home-decor goods made out of hemp and cotton. We love H'mong indigo dye and traditional Dao embroidery.

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