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Who are our the Artisans we work with? 

Women we collaborate with are from all over the world, such as: Uganda, Serbia, Vietnam. Making traditional clothes and crafts is their main income, and such, necessary for their every day necessities. Some of them live in very difficult settings, where some of them are more settled and come from a middle income environment.


When necessary, Crafts 4 Change closely works with local grassroots organizations to help our artisans organize, as we believe that this will improve their entrepreneurial skills and help them prosper economically. 

They usually make the products at home, making their working environment comfortable. Additionally, the artisans determine the prices themselves, and the prices are always higher than the local ones.

To introduce you to their every-day routine, together with our non-profit entity Pan Initiative, we are preparing feature documentary where you would be able to sneak peek to an every-day life of a traditional artisan.

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